About Us

We at Iqraa Employement recognize that above all the business transaction; relationships remain and we totally deal with our clients and future prospectors with an intention to build a community that thrives on respect and workmanship

At Iqraa Employement, we work relentlessly to achieve high success rate of recruitment and retention. That is because our screening process is robust and only individual show high prospects and right mindset are taken into consideration.

At Iqraa Employement, we understand the difficulties involved with finding good employees. That’s why we search harder and longer to find qualified candidates. We know how to create the perfect match for the employer, as well as the employee, and we have 100% confidence that our candidates will perform at the highest level for your company.

 At Iqraa Employement, all candidates are tested, interviewed, screened and undergo an extensive background check. We want you to know that your peace of mind is just as important to us as it is to you.

Our Account Managers are a dedicated bunch and will work closely with you to make sure your unique search is executed in the right way and accomplishes what you were intending. Finding the right candidates can be difficult at times, but we think our program design eliminates most of the pitfalls that arise for our client.  You can be sure we will deliver as expected.